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When an earthquake destroys a city, it carries

everything away. But when an earthquake hits

a land like Nepal, above all, it takes away

colors, smiles and hope. Nothing remains...

except fot piles of colorless rubble and the

awareness that it’s not possible to start again

without remembering first what has been lost.

Bring Back Those Colours is a photographic

project by Jacopo Brogioni made in Nepal

between December 2014 and July 2015,

respectively, in the period preceding and

following the devastating earthquake of April

25 and May 12, which shocked the country

and its population.

The pictures Brogioni took in Nepal before

the earthquake portray with sensitivity and

professionalism faces, atmosphere,

spirituality, smiles of the children and the

people of Nepal. A description of local daily

life through “stills” full of great evocative

power. A set of colors enclosed in soulspeaking

shots. The same colours the country

has always dressed up ‘till the day of the

catastrophe and until the Unexpected, silently

occured, made them fade.

Photographs of the second journey to Nepal,

in July 2015, just portray those places, now

devastated, a population in the grip of a

serious humanitarian crisis, a country in which

those same colors are off. Two realities, the

one before the earthquakes and the one after

them, connected in purpose to highlight the

big differences of a region “twisted” by a

disastrous metamorphosis happened in a few


The purpose of the project, in favor of the

main organization for children's rights

protection, UNICEF, is to face the state of

emergency in which Nepalese people live,

starting from THAT colors that lit up the eyes

of immortalized subjects, unconscious of what

would have happened just four months later.

The "Bring Back Those Colours" project,

therefore, aims to donate to UNICEF Italy the

nett proceeds of the photo exhibition, of the

works’ sale and of other donations

spontaneously received.

That’s how art becomes an instrument of

hope for the achievement of an humanitarian


The project consists of a traveling exhibition,

first in Rome and then in other italian and

european cities; and why not, in the world.

The exhibition will also be translated into a

book in order to reach as many people as

possible, to sensitize them, and to bring to life

this wonderful work even more than the


Starting from images of now destroyed sites,

where memories of places that were once

uncontaminated are imprinted, Bring Back

Those Colours wants to launch a message to

the community. A call for help that rises from

rubble searching for human-to-human

support. Getting back those colors is a goal

that can be reached through the awareness

that solidarity can be friend and accomplice

of human being but, above all, a source of

value creation.

Bring back those colors.

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