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Ph. Flavio Melegari


Jacopo Brogioni 

Photographer - Traveler - Born in Rome.

His collaboration with the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani begun in 2016 as author and travel photographer. 
He has worked as a still photographer for some of the most renowned Italian film production companies, such as IndigoFilm, Endemol, Palomar and Lux. 

He has been portraying acclaimed figures in all cultural fields, from politics to cinema. 

What is transmitted through the essentiality of human traits is at the core of his photographic style and research. 
His portraits tell the story of different lives and cultures in a direct manner, devoid of any interference between the spectator and the subject. 
His research concentrates on humans, immersed within their context- geographical, political and social.  

He perceives every travel and every journey as a new project. Each country as an endless set from which to portray daily life. 

His most important trips have led him to Cuba, Ecuador, China, North Korea and Nepal. Following this latter experience in Nepal, in 2015 the project “Bring Back those Colours”in favour of UNICEF was conceived. A project that aimed in supporting the the vast population that was struck by the earthquakes; exhibited at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts ( MAXXI ) in Rome and during EXPO2015 in Milan in both the Russian and Nepalese pavilions.  

In 2016 he contributed to the illustration of “Una storia bellissima”, published by UNICEF in occasion of its 70th anniversary.  

He realised numerous projects with Treccani some of which include “I beni culturali nelle Zone Rosse-Viaggio nei luoghi del Centro Italia colpiti dai terremoti del 2016”and “Guida culturale di Matera 2019”.

From January 2017 to July 2018 Jacopo has realised “ROMA.Il racconto di cento donne”,a Treccani photographic project (with stories) that portrays the Eternal City through the stories of 100 women.  

The project was exhibited at Musei Capitolini in Rome and published in a book. 


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